Jennifer Bowen is Assistant Dean for Information Management Services at the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries, and Co-Executive Director of the eXtensible Catalog Organization. She was involved with RDA development as a former ALA representative to the Joint Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR2, and more recently has been actively exploring ways that legacy MARC data can be reused in other discovery environments and a non-MARC implementation of part of RDA within the eXtensible Catalog.

Tom Delsey is a consultant, based in Ottawa, specializing in information modelling. He has developed a number of models for the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA), the Library of Congress, and international organizations in the music, sound recording, film, video, and publishing industries. He was contracted as the editor of RDA from 2005-2009. Prior to beginning his consulting career, Tom was Director General, Corporate Policy and Communications, at the National Library of Canada. During his twenty-three year tenure there, he held a number of management positions in standards, acquisitions and bibliographic services, and policy and planning. At various intervals during that time, he represented the National Library of Canada on a number of national and international standards committees. He has chaired the Standing Committee of the IFLA Section on Cataloguing and has participated in the work of a number of IFLA working groups, including the Study Group on Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.

Trina Grover is a member of the Canadian Committee on MARC (CCM). She has worked as a Catalogue Librarian at Ryerson University since 1995.. She has developed and delivered cataloguing training for The MARC of Quality in the USA, Seneca College in Toronto and Red River College in Winnipeg. She teaches the Digital Applications for Collections Management course in the graduate program in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management at Ryerson.

Laura May has been an Information Standards Specialist at Library and Archives Canada since 2009. In this capacity, she is actively engaged in the development of RDA. She also serves as secretary to the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing (CCC). Previously, Laura worked at Concordia University Libraries in Montreal, Ryerson University Library in Toronto and at the Library of Parliament in Ottawa as a cataloguing librarian. She has been a trainer the with Serials Cooperative Cataloging Training Program (SCCTP) since 2002.

Christine Oliver is the Chair of the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing (CCC) and has been a member of the Committee since 1997, one of the two members representing CLA. Chris is also the Chair of the RDA Outreach Group, and was a member of the Format Variation Working Group (2001-2004), a group appointed by the Joint Steering Committee to investigate topics related to expression-level identification and collocation. Chris has worked at the McGill University Library since 1989 as a cataloguing librarian and a cataloguing manager; she is currently the Coordinator of Cataloguing.

Pat Riva is Coordinator of the Monographs Section in the Cataloguing Directorate for the Heritage Collection at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec in Montreal, Canada as of June 2007. From 1987 to 2007 she held academic librarian positions at McGill University, first in the Library Systems Office, then, from 1992, as Romance Languages Cataloguer/Bibliographic Database Specialist in Library Technical Services.
Pat has worked on cataloguing standards in several areas:
  • MARC21, as Chair of the Canadian Committee on MARC since 1996;
  • AACR2, as a member of the Format Variation Working Group (2001-2004);
  • a project on incorporating FRBR terminology into AACR carried out at the request of the Joint Steering Committee;
  • as a member of the RDA Examples Group 1 (section 1 and section 2 chapter 7);
  • and as a member of the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing as of 2009.
In 2005, she was elected to the IFLA Cataloguing Section and became Chair of the FRBR Review Group. Pat has written articles and given presentations relating to FRBR, changes to AACR and MARC 21.